Eyes For Ozzy

Let us tell you a little about Ozzy. Ozzy came to Love Pups Pet Rescue after his owner took his own life and the decedents spouse decided to not keep him. From the instant we met him we knew he was special. Ozzy was always like a little ray of sunshine and he was always happy and content. His nature is that of a gentle soul and all he wants is to be by your side. He doesn't ask for anything..... all he wants is your love and to be your friend and companion. He was always game for play time and never missed an opportunity to frolic and play.

Since going blind Ozzy has become more and more depressed. I chose this photo because it speaks volumes! This is picture shows how Ozzy now spends his days. It breaks my heart. I'm not kidding when I say this either...... he went from a happy, robust little dog to pure sadness. He just lays on his dog bed in my kitchen. All being said, you could just imagine my excitement when I took him to the Vet and the doctor said that through surgery his vision could be restored!! HOWEVER, the cost of the surgery is $4,448.18. That's why I have began this journey to help Ozzy and to raise the funds to make it a reality.

If you would like to help Ozzy, please donate to Love Pups Pet Rescue. One hundred percent (100%) of the donations will go towards the medical bill. We will keep everyone informed of our progress.


Our Mission Statement

The primary purpose of Love Pups Pet Rescue is to rescue, rehabilitate, and place homeless pets in safe and secure forever homes.

About us

Love Pups Pet Rescue is NOT a shelter.  We are a series of local foster homes.  We are a group of dedicated volunteers whose goal it is to place companion animals in safe, family settings.

Each pet that comes to Love Pups Pet Rescue is kept in the loving homes of our volunteers, right along with our spouses, children and own pets and treated as one of our own until their forever home is found.  While waiting for their adoptive family, our generous volunteers provide a loving home setting to begin training, housebreaking and socialization.

While some pets are adopted out in a relatively short time, others may be with us for a more extended time.  Some of our foster pets may have special needs, and so their time with us is longer, but we do believe that there is a perfect forever home for each pet.  We take dogs from high-kill shelters as well as owner turn-ins when space allows.  We also have a place in our hearts for special needs, elderly and pregnant dogs and try to take them whenever possible.

We do NOT adopt on a first-come, first-served basis.

We try to make the best match for the pet and the adoptive family.
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